Media Law

Simon Burn Solicitors has the knowledge and expertise to provide specialist media law services to media professionals and members of the public alike. Moreover, we supply such niche services at competitive fee rates.

Our skillset and experience in this field cover four main areas:

  • Contractual services and advice for the film, television, video games and music industries. We would be happy to advise you on the following:
    • Production/Public Liability Insurance
    • Applying for funding from public bodies post-Film Council abolition
    • Employment Law - e.g. 'expenses only'/minimum wage issues
    • Rights Option Agreements
    • Writers' Contracts
    • Facilities Rental Contracts
    • Production Agreements
    • Copyright and other rights clearance searches/licensing
    • Location filming licences/permits
    • Performer or audience release/waiver forms
    • Music synchronisation licences
    • PACT standard contracts
    • DVD development agreements
    • DVD distribution agreements
    • PRS/PPL licensing
  • Rights clearance and enforcement (including the anti-piracy provisions of the new Digital Economy Act). For more detail of these services, please click here.
  • Defamation. More information on our experience in defamation cases is available here.
  • Internet 'clean up' service: a special service for people who have been unjustly defamed on the internet. For more information click here.
  • Tabloid Phone Hacking victims. For more information click here.

Media law is an important part of our offering at Simon Burn Solicitors and one which we are looking to expand.

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